Storm Safety in Victoria

Storms can happen anywhere, at anytime of the year. While the storm season in Victoria is typically October to March, it is important to stay prepared all year round as severe thunderstorms can occur during the cooler months.

While severe thunderstorms are defined as those that can produce damaging wind, large hail and flash flooding, it should be remembered that lightning assiciated with any thunderstorm (whether severe or not) has the potential to result in loss of life.

Servere storms are a regular event thoughout Victoria. Many homes, businesses and other properties may suffer from the effects of storms.

Significant storm events can have a range of impacts on your community, including trees over roads, damaged powerlines, roofs torn from houses or places of employment and workplaces temporarily closed.


Follow this link to the VIC State Emergency Service Website for more information on Storm Safety in VIC.


Australian Council of State Emergency Services 2013