Road Accident Rescue


Purpose of this manual is to provide a national reference for Road Accident Rescue (RAR) Operations. It is intended for use in planning, training and operations by all emergency personnel and organisations. It is not intended to provide policy to States and Territories on the responsibility of different services to respond in rescue situations.


This manual has been developed by a National Consultative Committee representing Police, Fire, State and Territory Emergency Services and Ambulance services. The manual is designed as a basic reference common to all States and Territories. It must be supported by State/Territory developed supplements relating to specialised aspects of RAR, such as equipment, operational procedures and training requirements. The working party was initiated and sponsored by the Natural Disasters Organisation.


As situations change and improved techniques are developed, the RAR Manual will be amended and updated by the Nation Consultative Committee.





Follow this link to the Road Accident Rescue Manual located on the EMA Website

Australian Council of State Emergency Services 2013